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Pip's history



I'm Pipsqueak, a 1.8lb rescued Yorkshire Terrier. 


I'm really tough

I wasn't supposed to live past december of 2014.

I might not look very strong, but my doctor said I should only live to be two and a half years old, and I have fought far past that.

I have hydrocephalus, a liver shunt, spine and neck issues, and jaw problems that led to me losing all of my teeth (so now my tongue sticks out a little bit, since my teeth aren't there to hold it in), but it doesn't slow me down!


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I can help, too!

I'm a therapy dog for nonprofit Paws & Think. I certainly have my share of medical setbacks, but I like using them to help others.

Through Paws & Think, I interact with people that may have their own physical or mental hurdles, and I encourage them by proving that anything is possible.

The profits from PipSwag will go to Paws & Think so they can continue "improving lives through the power of the human-dog connection".

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